Answer: Wireless Internet is exactly what it says, “wireless”, NO PHONE LINES NEEDED! There is no need to worry about slow downloads, busy signals, or disconnections anymore, with wireless Internet your computer is always on the Internet. Wireless Broadband is one of several leading edge technologies used to provide lightening fast Internet access. In its original guise WLAN (Wireless LAN) technology allowed computers to connect to a LAN (local Area Network) via radio frequencies – without wire or fibre.

While originally developed for in-building use, the potential of WLAN technology for bridging LANs of different buildings in a cost efficient manner was quickly identified – with WLAN technology the need to dig or pay leased-line charges is circumvented.

WLAN or Fixed Wireless is a proven technology building on decades of radio evolution. The popularity of this technology has lead to a dramatic fall in prices and the emergence of highly competitive purpose built proprietary second generation wireless broadband solutions.

Wireless Broadband technology is based on similar principles to television and radio communications. A VoIP and Internet Service base station provides Internet connections to customers using the airwaves. To connect it is necessary for a customer to have a subscriber unit installed on their premises. The subscriber unit “NANO” is discreet in size and is located so that it is within Line of Sight of a VoIP and Internet Service base station. An ethernet cable is run from the subscriber unit NANO delivering the Network termination Point to the PC/Router located in the customers building. VoIP and Internet Service Broadband provides Network Termination Points and network IP address to each customer. A spare socket is required beside the PC or router, which powers the subscriber unit using a Power over Ethernet adapter. VoIP and Internet Services ltd have selected and constructed purpose built proprietary technologies that deliver a scalable solution that will ensure secure, reliable, uninterrupted service as our network grows. We are also the only internet provide to supply a wireless router in every customers property free of charge.