Once you have decided to use Rural Broadband as your broadband supplier, do not hesitate to contact us on 023 887 8281 or 021 242 7982 to check for availability in your area, and further discuss your needs and the type of connection you require.

We can then take a few details, supply you with an application form & a direct debit mandate, and we will undertake a mapping survey to ensure the location of your property is suitable.


We require a direct debit payment. This is an advanced monthly payment that is taken either from a company or personal bank account.


Rural broadband subsidise the actual cost of the installation in order to reduce the fee to €99. We supply all equipment and a wireless router can be supplied at a reduced cost.

We don’t require you to sign a contract.


Normal installation includes installing a cable up to 20 metres inside the home/building to a PC, hub or router. Installation includes the fixing of the transceiver/antenna on the most suitable position on the building. Installation does not include any additional network wiring, setup or configuration of network equipment of troubleshooting network connectivity. But our installers will spend time to make sure your new connection is good and every thing is working properly.

Custom Packages

If you have a requirement for higher bandwidth, or for an uncontended connection (leased-line replacement), please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

Branch Connections

If you have a requirement to connect two points on our network – such as a head office and a branch office, or an office and a telecommuter’s home, we can also offer attractive discounts.

Download Limits

There are no limits on the amount of data that can be downloaded or uploaded, however it is important to remember that your internet connection is a shared resource; users whose usage is deemed excessive on a regular basis will be contacted and restrictions will be used if the activity persists. Our acceptable usage policy states that you can’t use your connection in a way that adversely affects other users’ online experience.

Voice over IP

Our network is optimised for VoIP. We will be working closely with telephony provider Blueface to make voice services available to our customers. It is also possible to use Skype and Windows Live Messenger to make voice calls on our network.


Rural broadband customers have access to the support phone line where any technical queries can be dealt with in the appropriate manner. We are backed up in the office by our own team of qualified engineers on the road.