Our network is optimised for Broadband Telephone Calls (Voice Over IP [VOIP]) and can be used to make phone calls over the internet, rather than using your phone line.

The benefits of this mean that you can call local, long distance and overseas destinations at hugely discounted rates through an internet telephony provider, yielding large savings for business calls, and allowing home users to keep in close contact with friends and family abroad.

You can utilize your Rural broadband connection to make these telephone calls through a VOIP carrier, and we are working closely with Irish telephony provider Blueface based in Dublin www.blueface.ie, to make voice services available to all our customers.

For this service you can use a normal touch-tone telephone with an adapter (supplied by Blueface) that plugs into your Rural broadband equipment, but for other methods you may need additional equipment for the service to operate correctly.

Many other services such as Skype www.skype.com will also work well with your Rural Broadband connection. This systems uses special software installed on your computer that allows free calls from Skype-to-Skype, and cheap calls to to phones and mobiles.

Skype is well supported and very popular, and many high street stores offer specialist headsets, handsets and cordless phones for using with Skype.

Another option is a live chat system like MSN Messenger or iChat. These systems allow you to text, talk and make video calls over the web in real time using a specialist application or web browser, and are often free and preinstalled in your computer’s operating system.