What will I be able to do with my broadband connection?

Wireless broadband is one of the most flexible types of connection that there is, and can offer you a wide variety of benefits.

  • Relax and explore the web without worrying about tying up the phone line or building up large phone bills.
  • Do everything that you could do previously on your dial-up connection more quickly and easily!
  • Surf web pages faster. Access more information to help with work, homework, hobbies or for education.
  • Watch video clips and listen to music in real time, including live broadcasts.
  • Download, music, photos, software, and film trailers much more quickly.
  • Shop around and compare products online at your leisure.
  • Play games online, with a console like your XBox as well as directly from your PC.
  • Communicate in different ways by using Instant Messaging, chat packages or video-conferencing.
  • Reduce costs and work remotely by using Voice over IP (VoIP) to telephone at lower rates.
  • Transfer larger files than before.
  • Automatically check your email at regular intervals to ensure you get that message as soon as possible.
  • Use software widgets like dictionaries, weather reports and news bulletins directly from your desktop.
  • Better maintain your website, blog or eCommerce business and be notified of orders as they happen.
  • Business, and be notified of orders as they happen.