If you are encountering difficulties with your internet connection, more often than not it is something relatively simple, and in order to get you back up and running as soon as possible we have compiled this troubleshooting checklist to eliminate some common problems.

Before reporting a fault we would encourage all of our customers to run through this troubleshooting checklist, to ensure that the cause of the problem is with the connection, and not limited to your computer, Local Area Network (LAN) or wireless router.

1 Restart Your Computer

The old joke about ‘turning it off and on again’ is true. Often software problems and settings preventing your internet access from operating correctly can be cleared and reset by performing a restart on your computer.

For best results it is wise to fully log out and shut down the computer and give it a good 10 seconds rest before starting it up again, but more often than not a simple restart will suffice.

2 Restart Your Router

Sometimes software problems can occur in any routers, wireless routers, access points or ethernet hubs/switches that you may be using on your Rural Broadband connection, and these can be restarted in the same way by turning the power off, having a 10 second rest and turning the power back on again. Allow a good 30 seconds for the router to boot back up again before checking if your internet connection is restored.

Please note: On some routers the Reset button is not a power cycle button and will actually reset the router to it’s factory settings. Please ensure that you know this is not the case before performing such and operation, which should be highlighted in the manual that came with the router.

3 Check Cable Connections

Initially it is a good idea to check that everything is actually connected properly, as it is very common for cables to be accidentally pulled out of their sockets, giving the appearance that the service it not working.

There should be a cable coming in from the main unit outside, that is plugged into a little white box with the green light, this connection is marked CPE.

Your computer or wireless router should be plugged into the oppostie side of the white box, marked PC, and the green light should be on. If it is not, check that the power supply in plugged in and is turned on at the power socket.