How do I order?

Firstly you must find out if you can receive Rural broadband. You can find this out by calling our sales department on 021 242 7982, and if available we will send you an application form.

How long before my Broadband connection is working?

Once we have confirmed availability we will process your application into the schedules of the installers and get you connected as soon as we can.

How long is the contract term?

There is no contract required.

Will Rural Broadband cover areas outside those listed?

Yes, as we develop the network we plan to include, where possible, neighbouring communities.

How do I know if I can actually get your service?

After we receive your enquiry, and determine if you are in our coverage area, we arrange a Line Of Sight (LOS) survey to determine eligibility for service, this is a free service.

What is a “line of sight” survey and why do I need it?

Wireless internet is strictly dependent on the radio unit being able to ‘see’ the Access Point without any obstructions, such as trees, buildings, or anything else that might hinder a radio connection. This is called Line Of Sight (LOS), and is the reason we need to do a survey to determine if a link can actually be made to our Access Point.