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Are there technical advantages to Wireless?

Answer: Standard DSL is more correctly called Rate Adaptive DSL, in order words, the data rate or speed of the connection adapts to suit the condition of your phone line, so the bandwidth of your connection cannot be guaranteed. This can be significant if you are more than 2km from your local exchange or if the quality of the copper lines is not very good. With a wireless connection, you are guaranteed the bandwidth you are paying for. Most other broadband packages only provide a slow uplink speed. Wireless provides a balanced connection where the downlink and uplink bandwidth is the same. This is important when sending large emails or files. The Internet is a two-way street.

Is there a minimum contract period?

Answer: No there is no minimum contract period. You are free to cancel at any time you wish. Please see our Mission Statement.

Who are Rural Broadband?

Answer: Rural Broadband is a young and dynamic company, formed with the specific aim of bringing affordable, high-quality broadband solutions to rural communities in the south of Ireland. We are part of the Irish Government’s Rural Broadband Scheme aimed at providing broadband services to individual un-served premises in rural areas.

We have assembled a team of highly skilled professionals, creating a powerful blend of IT, networking and radio communications skills to deliver reliable solutions to areas not considered “cost-effective” by other suppliers.

Using the latest wireless technology we have been able to link our network into Ireland’s Fibre Network. From our locally based hubs we have used wireless technology to create a comprehensive network linking much of the county’s of Cork, Kerry, Tipperary and Waterford.

We have a customer support phone line operating 5 days a week backed up by our team of engineers and an emergency out of hours contact number. Our team can check your location using sophisticated network mapping software to see if your location is within our wireless coverage. Our network is completely unique and independent so don’t worry if you have already failed a line test from the phone based operators or unreliable “Dongles” from the mobile phone companies.

Can I make phone calls over the Internet?

Answer: Yes. Voice over IP (VoIP) Our network is optimised for Voice Over IP (VoIP) and can be used to make phone calls over the internet, rather than using your phone line. The benefits of this mean that you can call local, long distance and overseas destinations at hugely discounted rates through an internet telephony provider, yielding large savings for business calls, and allowing home users to keep in close contact with friends and family abroad.

You can utilize your Rural broadband connection to make these telephone calls through a VOIP carrier, and we are working closely with Irish telephony provider Blueface based in Dublin, to make voice services available to all our customers.

For this service you can use a normal touch-tone telephone with an adapter (supplied by Blueface) that plugs into your Rural broadband equipment, but for other methods you may need additional equipment for the service to operate correctly.

Many other services such as Skype will also work well with your Rural Broadband connection. This systems uses special software installed on your computer that allows free calls from Skype-to-Skype, and cheap calls to to phones and mobiles.

Skype is well supported and very popular, and many high street stores offer specialist headsets, handsets and cordless phones for using with Skype.

Another option is a live chat system like MSN messenger or iChat. These systems allow you to text, talk and make video calls over the web in real time using a specialist application or web browser, and are often free and preinstalled in your computer’s operating system.

What is included in the standard Installation?

Answer: A wireless radio modem will be fitted by one of our service engineers at a suitable location on your premises. A Cat5 cable will be run, via the most direct route to the primary computer or router. It will be terminated in an RJ45 network connector. Two hours of installation time is allocated, and additional time will be billed at the current hourly rate. The installation does not include any configuration of the customers computer or router. Services is not supplied until the connection is initialised at our Network Operations Centre, which can typically take one working day.

Do I need a phone line for broadband?

Answer: NO! a phone line is not needed for VoIP and Internet Services Ltd. broadband. The Wireless Internet connection is bi-directional, meaning your unit will send and receive information, making it a complete solution for Internet connectivity. No Eircom line is required, meaning no more line rental and no minimum contract.

Will I have to learn anything new to use this system?

Answer: If you already know how to use a Web browser you will find our system totally transparent. You are always online. You click on your browser icon, and you are online with no delay no waiting for a free line or a connection. You will continue to use your existing email account as before, no matter who hosts your email account.

What are some of the benefits of fast internet access?

Answer: Many times you might find yourself sitting on your computer waiting up to 5 minutes just for one home page to load. Most of the time is because it is “Content Rich”. Meaning it has many pictures and active moving things, sometimes even sound. Making it very hard for a slow modem connection to process so much information. As the Internet evolves so will “Content”. People are finding new ways to express themselves through “Content rich pages” Leaving modem users frustrated because they have to wait for the pages to load. With fast Wireless Internet access there is no need to wait, you can play real time videos, make Internet phone calls, without breaking up, play your favourite MP3 in real time, watch live video streams, send and receive files at blazing speeds, and best of all general browsing is enjoyable.

What is wireless broadband?

Answer: Wireless Internet is exactly what it says, “wireless”, NO PHONE LINES NEEDED! There is no need to worry about slow downloads, busy signals, or disconnections anymore, with wireless Internet your computer is always on the Internet. Wireless Broadband is one of several leading edge technologies used to provide lightening fast Internet access. In its original guise WLAN (Wireless LAN) technology allowed computers to connect to a LAN (local Area Network) via radio frequencies – without wire or fibre.

While originally developed for in-building use, the potential of WLAN technology for bridging LANs of different buildings in a cost efficient manner was quickly identified – with WLAN technology the need to dig or pay leased-line charges is circumvented.

WLAN or Fixed Wireless is a proven technology building on decades of radio evolution. The popularity of this technology has lead to a dramatic fall in prices and the emergence of highly competitive purpose built proprietary second generation wireless broadband solutions.

Wireless Broadband technology is based on similar principles to television and radio communications. A VoIP and Internet Service base station provides Internet connections to customers using the airwaves. To connect it is necessary for a customer to have a subscriber unit installed on their premises. The subscriber unit “NANO” is discreet in size and is located so that it is within Line of Sight of a VoIP and Internet Service base station. An ethernet cable is run from the subscriber unit NANO delivering the Network termination Point to the PC/Router located in the customers building. VoIP and Internet Service Broadband provides Network Termination Points and network IP address to each customer. A spare socket is required beside the PC or router, which powers the subscriber unit using a Power over Ethernet adapter. VoIP and Internet Services ltd have selected and constructed purpose built proprietary technologies that deliver a scalable solution that will ensure secure, reliable, uninterrupted service as our network grows. We are also the only internet provide to supply a wireless router in every customers property free of charge.

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