Rural Broadband is a Cork based company, set up with the sole purpose of bringing low cost, fast, wireless internet to homes and business in both counties which up to now had only slow “Dial Up” or unreliable “Dongles” from the Mobile phones companies.

Rural Broadband promises you only the best service from first contact to installation. Should we fail on that promise and you are unhappy with your internet connection and do not wish to continue (notice must be given during first 14 days after installation), the equipment will be removed and a full refund of your connection fee will be made. No loss what so ever to you, no IFs or BUTS.

How can Rural Broadband be so positive on delivery of good internet where Eircom and large Mobile phone companies have failed !!!

1.    As in the case of Eircom we are not compelled to use old, out of date exchanges and weather beaten poles and cables. In the case of 02, Vodafone, Meteor and 3 they must succeed in getting their signal through the roof and many walls of your home (good installation repels signals) for their “Dongle” to work. At the best of times it does not work properly in all rooms, and it cannot be used for more than 1 computer at the time. Rural Broadband succeeds by placing a small piece of equipment on the outside of your home to pick up the signal. The good fast signal is then taken inside your home by cable without loss, at the end of which is put a Wireless Router. This router sends the internet Wirelessly to every room in your home and also to your lawn and patio areas. One, two, three or more computers can be used around your home without cables attached.

2.     No Minimum Contract

3.     No Cap or Limit on Download, subject to downloads being legal.

4.       A FREE 1 hour consultation between a Rural Broadband IT adviser is available to you on day of installation, so you can get maximum enjoyment from your new internet connection.

5.     The physical installation will be carried out by a very experienced person who fully understands the care that is required when carrying out this type of work.

6.     After installation customer care is available 5 days a week 9am – 5:30pm