Community broadband was created out of the demand for Broadband internet access across Counties Cork and Kerry in areas not previously serviced by other providers (ISPs).

An involvement with local communities and groups in West Cork and Kerry assisted our growth and enabled to establish the initial backbone of the network, and as the technology has advanced, so has community broadband’s coverage and services.

We are now transmitting our services from over 50 locations, and the introduction of WiMAX into the network this year is providing us with even more coverage and capacity for new customers.

We have also upgraded our backhaul link, the main artery feeding bandwidth into our network, which now has a huge capacity that will allow us to continue to expand.

After the humble beginnings of the network starting out in West Cork and Killarney, it now spreads as far as west Waterford and south Tipperary up to Mitchlestown and over to Killorglin, in west Kerry covering a fair proportion of Countys Cork and Kerry, and will continue to grow with future developments.